I have been having concerns over where my honours project is going, whether it’s too large and what to focus on. My overall goal is to create an engaging and inspirational documentary, however, it appears that’s too big a project to be working on. I’ve spent a lot of time fretting over what to do and where to start and haven’t kept a note of everything i’ve been doing as i’ve dismissed a lot of it. I think the best way to tackle my problem is to note all areas i’ve been investigating and doing work on and then how i reach my final conclusion- I have been looking to specify what my question is and doing research on various elements regarding documentary though as they’re not all directly related to what my eventual question may be, I have not been keeping track of everything i’ve done. Because of this i’m disappointed as I don’t have everything i’ve done as evidence.

As I try to narrow down my question, I will be taking note of everything I do and as I’m finding it difficult to separate narrative and visuals at the moment, I will document all of my work and see how it eventually becomes one area and I begin to answer my research question.  🙂

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