Pitch Presentation

On 09/10/12, I pitched my ideas for my honours project. I put forth my idea as clear and concisely as possible and, although encouraging, I was advised that the project was too big and perhaps lacked a specific area of research. 

I feel that the three areas, film making, motion graphics and screenwriting all rely on each other to put forth a visual message and am hoping to find a way to simplify what I had hoped to do into something more fitting for research purposes. 

I am now concentrating on what area I think will benefit me when applying for jobs as the initial idea of looking at filming a documentary would’ve been exciting to do and highly  beneficial, however, it is too large and would be too much for one dissertation. 

I’m finding it hard to understand how I can work on visual engagement properly while base the project on only one of the three aforementioned areas- hopefully i’ll find a satisfactory research topic that can incorporate all of them. 

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