Honours Project…

This is a blog dedicated to my honours year at university. I’ll be exploring visual engagement through documentary and film to understand how people connect and associate with television and whether it’s possible to create a positive, informative and engaging piece of work that will inspire people.

As there are so many negative and destructive programmes on TV, I would like to investigate whether it’s possible to engage with an audience on a more positive note, what effect that would have on the viewer and if, ultimately, this could have an overall positive effect on the TV culture and society in general.. Something more positive than some of the nonsense that is put on TV down to low budgets at the moment and reveal why they dumb down TV into, at times, a mindless visual display of, ultimately, nothing- very insulting, but people accept and watch. How hard is it to make something informative and inspiring for people to watch?

Yes, so i’ll be doing that…

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