I’ve been looking at videos that I personally find visually engaging, one of which is, Holocene, by Bon Iver. I think the angles and scenes are all very personable and quite personal. You feel an drawn into the visuals, obviously enhanced by the epic music, but even without sound, the visuals are fantastic and you build a connection to the story immediately.

By having an intimate setting, within the boys room, you feel you have been allowed to enter his world and when you see him looking out of the window to the distance at the bird, it implies longing for freedom and adventure, and through this simple opening it has set up the basis of the visual story and what to expect. Through the first few seconds the visuals have given you far more insight that you care to notice, however, if you were questioned on the little boy in the video you would have a mass of answers, from where he lives, how he acts, feels and what he wants- all within a few seconds.

I hope to achieve this intimate connection throughout my work and I plan to analyse how this has been achieved in such a short space of time.

To do this I will combine; angles, how the camera pans, close up and long shots, the gradient used to give effect, the views you get (first person- third person) and the props used in the footage.

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