My Project and Why….

I have been interested in documentary and hope to have a completed short doc at the end of my honours year.

To begin I have analysed the areas of documentary making I would like to study and have narrowed it down to a few questions;

How to motivate and inspire an audience through visual engagement:

This would analyse the psychological effects behind human emotion and interaction and then implement these ideas into camera techniques and cinematography. I have done a great deal of research into both and am trying to determine whether it would prove to be a worthwhile area of investigation and beneficial to what I plan to do.

Research how the narrative affects the visuals on screen and how they both work together by contradiction and collaboration to provoke thought and inspiration within an audience:

This would involve researching camera techniques and screenwriting and comparing various ways you can combine the visuals and narrative to provoke different thoughts and feelings. There would be research into the psychology behind both and how the outcomes would compare using various different formulas.

I then had to get a basis for a documentary as I hope to make a career in documentary making and was looking for an extraordinary individual or idea to base my work on and give my honours project more substance.

I went through various ideas and genres, from political to comedy, and didn’t find anything that I thought could have much of an impact on anyone, there was nothing I could find that I wanted to tell the world about. I then asked Lotte Glob and she agreed to let me make the documentary on her. I now have a subject that I find exciting and a worthwhile story to be told.

The footage I will use to conduct my research is based on the documentary for artist, Lotte Glob. I plan to have a completed short documentary that sends out an inspirational and motivational message at the end of my honours year.

Contributing factors to create such a piece depend of the narrative, target audience and camera techniques. I would like my work to be visually engaging and provoke thought amongst the audience.

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