Tis the season… to buy a raincoat!

It’s summer!!!

So far i’ve been to Rockness festival, went sailing to a few islands, went cycling round a few islands, camped quite a bit and scratched my head a whole lot trying to decide what to do for my honours.

What will I do for my honours? I want to use my camera (which could possibly be broken- deed!) After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and maybe scrub up on InDesign. Film with a booklet?!

Ideas welcome… 🙂

My mind’s a big knot. A big fankled mess of ideas.

Goodbye. 🙂

p.s. Scotland doesn’t provide you with a summer, it provides you with: a-smidgen-of-sun-then-pisses-from-the-heavens-laughs-then-some-more-sun-to-dry-you-then-pisses-again.


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