Why I love photography

I love photography. I wouldn’t class myself as an expert but then i don’t really know what an expert in photography actually is- can work a camera? For me, photography is capturing a moment in still and being able to reflect on it and it stir up the same emotions that made you want to click the button in the first place.

I think this is the reason it can be hard to connect your images with a mass group of people because, ultimately, it’s personal. You might see a beauty no one else gets at all. So long as you can capture your feeling through the camera, I guess you’re on the money!

I must admit, my favourite type of photo is one you can look at and just think, ‘Man, i wish i was there right now.’ I love those pics that take you away.

I’ve been rifiling through some photos i’ve taken that conjure up some sort of emotion or sweet memory. Here’s my personal fav’s… (Some DSLR, some phone, some digital camera) 🙂

The Complex. This is where I used to play when I was young. You could see for miles over Glasgow and at night it looked magic with the streetlights. I just remember looking from there so often and thinking about how vast the place was and it would somehow comfort me. 🙂 From innocently playing on the swings to my drunk walks home, the park aided me through my youth. I went back a few years ago to have a peek and took a sneaky photo on my camera. I know it’s technically all wrong but, i get it. I think this could possibly be the nicest thing ever said about that tatty, broken glassed, old Complex. Well, it was my place and I loved it.

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