Editing Advert

I’m editing an advert. It’s taking forever. I need a weeeeeee rant. 🙂 

We’ve been designing an advert to demonstrate our hypothetical solution to the current shift in shopping habits. :/ The technology isn’t quite there yet, but in a few years, i think this is how we’ll shop. 🙂 


Anyway, i’ve been combining Flash and After Effects to show how product will be used and, well, to be honest, it’s mushing my brain. I’m fuelled with coffee, have copious amounts of chocolate and have the occasional break, which is where i watch, 24, then confer with my boyfriend as to who’s behind this episodes attack, then go back to work with a CTU state of mind to align my wonderful panels with green screen footage. Of course, nothing aligns properly and i then have to go and edit/start fresh all of the layouts to make the scenes flow smoothly. YEY!!!!!! 😀 


Although i claim it’s the bane of my existence atm, in a strange way i’m quite enjoying it. 

I guess this means this is the jobs for me, eh? 

Oh shit. 😀

Cheery-bye… 🙂 
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