Making a Movie!

 I’m really keen to make a feature film!

We’re shooting a short advert at the moment and it’s great seeing your ideas come to life (we’ve messed with green-screen mainly but it’s a start). I’ve had a few ideas for a short story but not entirely sure what to film or when. The plan is to start by making some short clips and upload them to Vimeo to get some feedback.

I like the MiniLook Kiev video on Vimeo . The colours and music are great. I LOVE the use of the tilt shift! I think i’ll have to invest in one. It looks like it’s a tiny movie set being filmed with little models scurrying around.. almost like a strange stop motion, which i have a soft spot for. 🙂

If anyone has any advice, it would be very much appreciated! Have you made a video or feature film you’re proud of? IDEAS PELASE!

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5 Responses to Making a Movie!

  1. Ted West says:

    Congrats on making your movie. We shot a feature last year and finally got distribution. I’d be more than happy to answer any questions. The tilt shift in the clip above was more than likely done in post.

    • Leah Carroll says:

      Awesome… What was your feature about? Do you have a link to it so i can have a peek? Do you think the tilt shift was done post, ye? I use After Effects to edit all of my footage so i’ll have a peek at how to create a tilt shift look, if it can be done.

      Thanks very much, that’d be great.. i’m sure i’ll have a question or two to ask. 🙂

      • Ted West says:

        The movie is about a Vampire who makes her living participating in bikini contests. It’s a spoof, campy, comedy type thing. Not sure if the video is still on the web site or not, but the address is
        After effects, or Final Cut will do thee tilt shift your looking for.

  2. Mark Sugden says:

    Frickin awesome. I love this video.
    Good luck with the advert, and I hope you have success shooting a feature.

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