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Making a Movie!

MiniLook Kiev

I’m really keen to make a feature film!

We’re shooting a short advert at the moment and it’s great seeing your ideas come to life (we’ve messed with green-screen mainly but it’s a start). I’ve had a few ideas for a short story but not entirely sure what to film or when. The plan is to start by making some short clips and upload them to Vimeo to get some feedback.

I like this video on Vimeo The colours and music are great. I LOVE the use of the tilt shift! I think i’ll have to invest in one. It looks like it’s a tiny movie set being filmed with little models scurrying around.. almost like a strange stop motion, which i have a soft spot for. 🙂

 If anyone has any advice, it would be very much appreciated! Have you made a video or feature film you’re proud of? IDEAS PELASE! 



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Paint Your Face

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Paint Your Face by birdsinflight on StampaFe Art Stamps :: StampaFe :: Hands/Body Parts :: Hand with… Watercolor Splatters Photoshop Brushes | Photoshop LIFE IS A BEACH, I’M JUST PLAYING IN THE paint

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Vintage Joy…

Why can’t everything have an old, vintage look to it?! I’m not sure i approve of today’s churned out garbage, it has no heart- yes, my inanimate vintage products do in fact have a heart. Yes, I choose to believe … Continue reading

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Graveyard walks

Today I ended up in a graveyard, Howff graveyard, Dundee. It was  a beautiful day, considering it’s 1st March the light was awesome.. The graves, trees, cobbles, everything had a green wash over it, highlighted by the sun it became … Continue reading

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