The Little Prince- Interactive Book

Before I had read the book, I fell in love with a cartoon of the Little Prince. I loved it, i wasn’t sure why, and i’m still not sure- Here it is…  

Reflecting back on the book as an adult, I heard a totally different message! As a child, i took it for granted that adults were deluded and there was a clear divide- i wasn’t aware they had been children before and didn’t realise i’d be one of them- adults- one day. I’m still not sure i’m willing to accept it. Apart from my mum, who has never and will never grow up, adults, to me, were all busy, angry and on a different planet! I’d like to say my view has changed over the years, but it has not, the majority of adults are still bastards. The books gets it down to a T!  It points out society’s flaws and highlights the narrow-minded mentality that becomes instilled in us as we grow up. I don’t take the divide for granted anymore.

Anyhoo.. I’m designing an interactive book for the Little Prince, programming it in Flash at the moment to make a mock-up and get the idea across. Here’s some of the initial artwork…

The Little Prince- Interactive Book. Leah Carroll.

That’s all i’ve got at the moment! Still working on the artwork and interaction… also having daily arguments with Flash! 🙂

Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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2 Responses to The Little Prince- Interactive Book

  1. Sarah Martin says:

    Thanks for the Follow! I like your work so far- the birds in particular catch my eye. They remind me a bit of Tim Burton- I think it’s the curl in the tail. I’m excited to see it develop! 🙂

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