Junkie Doll Born Amidst Hurricane Bawbag!!!


Today’s the day of Hurricane Bawbag, and i’ve got so much work to do i can’t stay in, so, in this windy madness, i’ve ventured out to the library to be a hero (geek).

I have a project on atm, where i have to create a short narrative using film, images… any type of kinetic illustration. For my story, I decided to try to portray the demise of a young girl, with the same outlook as her peers, she falls into the world of drugs and you watch her deteriorate into a junkie. I had planned to create a narrative on they joys of spring but my mind wasn’t really in the right place…. it was residing in junkiville, aka, Dundee.

Anyway, my first problem is, i don’t have anyone with enough time, or willing to be a junkie actress for a student video. Dinnie fret! I’m using a doll… first i wanted to use a creepy, old vintage doll, but i couldn’t find any, and ones i did find were too expensive. So I rummaged in my loft and found the beloved porcelain dolls of my childhood. I looked at them lovingly, dipping into memories, happy memories, sunshine and lullabies, etc, while carefully deciding which would be most suitable as a junkie in my up and coming narrative. I decided it should be my favourite, she deserved to have the star role- in hindsight, i’m not sure if i should’ve reversed the decision process.

Well, the red one is the junkie and she’s gonna get a new haircut and an extreme makeover/under. I’ve been videoing clip, upon clip, upon clip to no avail. So far i’ve captured her in her junkie form 1 million times over but as of yet, i can’t make her cute, innocent and beautiful. I’ll try again tonight.

Biggest hurdle is, I need a syringe to use as a prop. Even the thought of it scares me. How it can just pierce your skin and into your veins, deciding life or death! Oh, it’s terrifying. I might have to think of an alternative or ask a junkie where they get them, but they could get offended- especially if they’re not a junkie, which is an error i’m bound to make. I could go to the doctors, drop something and steal a syringe as they bend down to pick it up- but i’m not very subtle. Perhaps i could explain i’m now a junkie and would like a syringe for safer ‘smacking up’ rituals. Regardless, it’s gonna be tricky, if even possible.

Overall, i’m quite enjoying making my creepy video. It’s therapeutic in a way(not sure why), and having to draw a personality out of an inanimate object is proving to be a fun task. I think i’m making a connection with her! I’ll be ever so sad when she has her make over.

Ah well, that’s all i’ve got atm. Thought i’d have a Hurricane Bawbag update. If i get hit on the head by a flying roof tile and die on the way home, then… well…. that’s just not very good at all.

I’m off to edit some footage and create my masterpiece. Yes, it’s gonna be a masterpiece.

Bye bye bye bye bye.

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